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Help & Info about DriverUpdate for windows

  • What is SlimDrivers?

    As a driver management tool, this software simplifies the process of keeping drivers – which are programs that allow your computer to interface with hardware – up to date. The program automatically identifies drivers that are out of date or broken and lists them; users can then manually select the drivers they want to update. With one click, the program will download the files, create a restore point and install the driver.
  • Is SlimDrivers free?

    Yes, the program is completely free, with no paid upgrades or a pro version. The software’s developer does, however, offer paid software with similar functionality. While this free software only allows for manual updating, the paid version, DriverUpdate, adds automatic updating. The paid version also adds additional customer support via chat.
  • How do I install SlimDrivers?

    To install this program, double click on the executable file (.exe) and begin the installation process. After you agree to the program’s user license, the installer will transfer the necessary files to your computer. When this transfer is complete, simply click finish and launch the program to begin.
  • What does SlimDrivers do?

    While having outdated drivers most likely won’t cause your computer to stop functioning, it’s important to keep drivers updated when it comes to security vulnerabilities. This program catalogs the drivers present on your system and notifies you when there are more current versions of the driver available. It can also identify and fix broken drivers.
  • Is SlimDrivers safe?

    This program facilitates the updating of drivers; there is generally little risk involved in installing new drivers for your hardware. Should updating a driver create a problem, you can use the restore point created by this program to revert to a previous configuration.
  • Does SlimDrivers work?

    Yes, the program offers a simple and easy-to-use way to keep your drivers up to date. Keeping drivers current can improve performance – particularly when it comes to video hardware drivers. The program can also identify situations where a driver is not functioning properly or a default Windows driver is being used instead of the hardware’s proprietary driver.
  • How often is SlimDrivers updated?

    This software is no longer updated. Slimware Utilities, the developer of the program, has discontinued this software in favor of adding a free version of DriverUpdate, their premium driver management software. As DriverUpdate has very similar functionality to this program, the developer has effectively combined the two programs into one.
  • Does SlimDrivers work with Windows 10?

    The final update for this program added improved compatibility with Windows 10. Note that Windows 10 downloads and updates many of your drivers automatically, which may obviate the need for this program. Earlier versions of this program did not officially support Windows 10; however, in most cases, these versions will still work on the operating system despite this lack of support.
  • Is SlimDrivers portable?

    Portable programs are self-contained in a folder and allow users to easily move the program from one device to another – all without having to install the program. Unfortunately, there currently isn’t a portable version of this program. Users looking for a portable driver management program may want to consider Device Doctor, which is available here on Softonic.
  • What platforms is SlimDrivers available for?

    This program is only available for Microsoft Windows operating systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. The program is not compatible with computers running on Mac or Linux operating systems.


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